Monday, December 5, 2011

California IVF Update - Family Reunion Photos, Sacramento Fertility Center, UC Davis Research #ivf

In October 2011, California IVF Fertility Center hosted our annual "babies and bellies" event. Patients from all over Northern California came to Davis for a day in the park with the fertility specialists and staff that helped to take part in their successful pregnancy. It was a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate overcoming infertility with friends and family as well an eventful past year at the clinic.

The California IVF Family

In 2011, California IVF signed a collaboration agreement to take over fertility services for the UC Davis Department of OB/GYN, purchased a competitor's facility in Sacramento and added three physicians to its roster. This coming year, California IVF will continue to expand and build the practice so we can help more patients in the Northern California region and from around the world. 

Some of the most recent updates include: the installation of a new California IVF sign at our Sacramento facility, finalized renovation plans to bring a modernized IVF center to the Northern California region early next year, and new work with researchers at UC Davis to improve our ability to assess male fertility and embryo competency. Our California Conceptions Donated Embryo Program continues to grow and is providing an embryo adoption alternative for Canadian and Australian couples faced with restrictive oocyte donor laws. 

Dr. Ernest Zeringue and Alisa Zeringue Enjoy the Picnic
Many of the journeys to pregnancy were difficult, but it's easy to see from the photos that the end result was well worth the effort. There is no greater joy than the joy experienced by being a parent to a happy and beautiful baby. We are always excited to be reunited with our former patients and see the impact we have had on their lives.

Toddling Around the Party

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