Friday, October 14, 2011

California IVF Fall 2011 Fertility Newsletter Online

The last six months has been an exciting time of change and growth for California IVF.  This edition of the newsletter takes a look at many of the changes including the acquisition of a Sacramento-based fertility clinic and the unique collaboration with UC Davis Health System.  Taking on the clinical services of these two centers has allowed California IVF to expand staffing to include the addition of two more female fertility specialists and increase our interaction with male fertility specialist Dr. John Gould. 

Dr. Gould is a board certified urologist specializing in male fertility disorders ranging from abnormal sperm counts through vasectomy reversals and surgical extraction of sperm.  Dr. Antoni Duleba, professor and interim chairman of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at UC Davis Medical Center's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, began seeing patients at our Davis office earlier this year.  Dr. Duleba heads our research collaboration which will unite the clinical and research efforts of the division to improve the quality of care to Northern California area fertility patients.

Dr. Satin Patel joined the practice in October of this year and brings with him a well rounded professional background including research on PCOS.  Dr. Patel has an excellent rapport with patients and staff alike and has been very valuable in contributing to the future development of California IVF.  After renovations of the Sacramento office are complete, Dr. Patel with join a team of trained staff at the Sacramento office to provide more convenient access to many patients in the Sacramento region.  Dr. Patel is currently seeing patients in Davis.

California IVF is excited to hold our annual family reunion event in Davis this weekend.  Nicknamed "bellies and babies", the event gathers many of our former successes and their children.  Everyone enjoys a fun filled reunion in the park with great food, photo opportunities, and networking with other couples that have been able to overcome infertility through the help of California IVF

Check back soon for photos and videos of the event.

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